Using Social Media in moderation

Living in the digital age now, it’s quite unlikely to find a company, no matter is big or small that isn’t using social media. From small restaurant to bookshop to barber shops, businesses are clear that online audience have a high potential to be reached. To ensure that they are using social media the right way, companies today need to evaluate the social media that suits their business best, gradually establish connection and build long-term relationship with their target audience. It is simply not only the matter of creating a page and keeping it updated anymore.

Now, everything has there own pros and cons, so are social media. Looking from the business perspective, social media certainly have its perk, especially when it comes to marketing. With the economy going down, we are currently in a recession state where budgets are becoming tighter and price has definitely became an issue. Having said that, Businesses use social media to approach their target audience locally and globally, engage them, communicate to them, listen and finally understand what they want, to provide them the best product and service they expect. Hence forth, with social media marketing, businesses can successfully reach their objective while at the same time still be able to stay within the budget.

Besides that, another advantage of using social media in business would be the expansion of professional network through social media. Today, especially in the fashion industry, we need to have widespread connection to be able to survive in the industry. Hence, by using social media platform like Facebook, Linked in, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube or even blog, we can easily connect with other people in the industry with shared interest and value. ( Lauren, 2013 ) Along with connecting with other professionals, we can also use social media to establish our business as an industry expert.

Well, now that we are done with some of the pros, let’s get on with the cons of social media. Looking at the advantages of social media, I realised that there is a lack of something that is very crucial, the human interaction. Today, human seem to live and breathe social media. Just imagining taking social media away from just two days, some might suffer serious withdrawal symptoms. Perhaps I am just exaggerating but I believe most of us wake up with social media, checking out Instagram, Facebook and more, rather than reading newspaper while having a good breakfast. Another example of social media affecting human touch can be seen while a group of friends are hanging out, instead of chatting and keeping each other updated on their life, they are on their phones or tablets all the time. Having said that, I begin to wonder is social media really helping us to communicate or it is killing the art of personal communication?

Where is human interaction? ( Nilton, 2015 )

Certainly, there is no doubt that e-mails and social media has dramatically impact the speed and messages. However, a warm handshake, engaging conversations on an individual level can form even stronger and meaningful relationship. No matter how fast social media can help to deliver message from a medium to another, sometimes it can led to miscommunication and misunderstanding. Hence, face-to-face communication helps to address this problem and increase the accuracy of communication. More importantly, face-to-face contact helps to establish trust, which is a critical issue while doing business. ( CorpMedia, 2012 )

In conclusion, social media has its good and bad, but it can never replace human interaction in real life. To build meaningful connections between people or business, we need to use technology to enhance our communication, rather than dominate it. A savvy entrepreneur will know that he or she needs social medial tool as part of balance portfolio of communication, and use them in a moderate way depending on their audience.

” Social media is more about sociology and psychology than technology “

– Brian Solis –


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