For any company whether they are selling coffee or electronic devices to clothing, after building an amazing product to solve a critical consumer need, the next critical step would be branding. Building and managing a brand plays an essential role in creating customer trust and loyalty, informing customer perception, establishing emotional connection with customer, and most importantly, differentiates your product from the competitor. A strong brand is able to enhance products intangible qualities and construct strong bond with the customers. ( Mellisa, 2014 )

Generally, brand identity is made up of three components, which are brand assets, brand attributes and brand personality. Out of these three components, brand personality plays a vital role in giving a brand human characteristic, which indirectly helps differentiate a brand from one another. By giving a brand human characteristic, consumer will be able to relate and connect to a brand as a person. Hence, consumers are more likely to be drawn to a brand, which has similar personality to them, and they could relate to.

These days, we hear a lot of talks about the power of brand storytelling and succeeded examples such as Coca Cola, Apple, Disney and more. Just like how other mandatory factors that are discussed in branding realm, storytelling has always been important. ( Mike, 2015 ) One might not have 30 seconds to be interrupted, but there is always extra time to hear a great story. Also, research has shown that stories are powerful in human communication and it can create trust. Having said that, a great brand story should be driven by personality of the brand itself, in order to provide reasons for customers to relate to it and to trust the brand. ( Neil, 2015 )

Dove ‘REAL BEAUTY’ campaign ( Omar, 2015 )

Here, I will be covering one of the brands that have done a good job in telling the stories that is driven by the brand’s personality, which is Dove. Being a brand that is associated with building up self esteem and having confidence among women, their ‘real beauty’ campaign that is launched in 2014 has successfully relate to most of the average-looking women, making them to relate to the brand. The story has also addressed the issues in the market that is the continuous expose of conventional beauty in every advertisement, which is not realistic. ( Merilin, n.d. )

With the repetitive use of unrealistic images that has posed restrictions on the definition of beauty in the market, this has contributed to lowered-esteem of ordinary women around the world. Hence, the aim of the story is to counter the negative self-image of women all over the world, and sharing the message of self-love and self-acceptance through optimistic attitudes towards their body. Making consumers the heroes of their brand stories have auspiciously communicate to their customers and create brand loyalty.

In closing, I just wanted to share that of course, there is no doubt that elements like brand symbol, color, benefits of the brands, products of the brand, slogan and more make up a brand, however the story behind the brand is utmost important. Emotion and personal connections is what storytelling is about and the story will build the foundation of trust within your customer. Story will live on and keep on connecting with people. A brand has to keep their stories alive and keep on impress their customer by giving them great experience possible.

‘ You can’t sell anything if you can’t tell anything ‘

– Beth Comstock –


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