Course Reflection

Generally speaking, the UOC degree program has been educational and interesting. Throughout the semester, different subjects offered has enabled us to realise our own individual interests as well as skills in the area of fashion marketing, preparing us for a range of fashion business jobs in the future. Out off all the subjects, my personal favourite would definitely be concept direction and development.

As a subject lasted for six months, i have worked hand in hand with my dearest classmates to come up with mini collection line for a luxury brand. From developing the concept, art direction, prototypes to actualising the marketing collaterals, i noticed consistency is essentially critical to maintain the brand image. Besides, i have also realised the importance  to establish and maintain good relationship with my teammates. As a group, we listen to each other’s opinion, tolerate and come up with the best solution for everyone’s good. I am extremely grateful to have had my friends as my group mates, to be able to  complete the projects without any hurdles and disagreements.

On the other hand, one subject that i have certainly struggled most would undoubtedly be fashion future. Unlike any reports that i have done before, fashion future report require us to have the great academic skills such as reading proficiency and written communications. Besides that, we need to have the ability to analyse primary and secondary research, applying problem solving skills especially while writing projection or recommendation. Also, just like fashion future, we need to have critical thinking skills while coming up with solutions. Lucky enough, my struggle to effectively present projection due to the poor topic has been solved with the help of my lecturer. Weekly consultations with the lecturer until the day of submission has guided me step by step to complete the report even though it was tough.

Last but not least, I have to say fashion brand management has prepared us to have the ability and knowledge in establishing our own business in the future. The subject has taught us to be realistic while developing a new line or collection in the market. No matter how much we would want to offer a new products or services in the market, without target market it wouldn’t work. That being said, i have learned that primary and secondary research is critical while developing a new brand. In addition to that, brand assets such as logo, color, slogan and more has to be consistent across all marketing channels and collaterals, to establish lasting memory in consumer’s mind, which is upmost important for a brand to survive long in the market. I have also acquire a knowledge of developing all marketing collaterals and strategies realistically according to the brand’s budget because that is how the real world works.

In closing, I am glad and honoured to be the one of the first batch of students taking this degree course offered by University of Chester. This program has definitely provided me the necessary competencies to attain a number of ascending job opportunity in the fashion industry. The knowledge I have gained throughout this year and the past two years has prepared me well for a marketing career in the Fashion industry. Through workshops with supportive classmates and wonderful lecturers, it was certainly a wonderful time in my life, and the one of the best educational experiences I’ve had.