Professional Practice Course Reflection

The professional practice course has given me an opportunity to delved into critical thinking. Throughout completing the first project that is the professional practice blog, a wide range of topics are given to foster our self expression. For the first time, students are told to express their own thoughts on certain topics. The first project given has definitely pushed us to think and analyse a certain phenomenon without just blindly stating the facts based on the research done just like what we have always done for the past projects. Few topics that are included in the blog would be the rise of social media, importance of incorporating IT in business world, price or quality, can fast fashion survive long run etc..As we all know, these few phenomenons has been there for long in the fashion industry but we never really look into it to explore why, what and how. That being said, this project has given us a chance to examine it, collecting and analysing secondary data to come up with our thoughts or conclusions about that particular topic. The experience of writing for each topic has not only helped me in my grammars and composition, but also learning of new fashion terms and niche fashion brands.

Aside from the fashion blogs, we are told to come up with marketing strategies to rebrand Raffles Privato, which is the second project included in this subject. This project prompted us to analyse the current situation of raffles private as well as its competitors and the market analysis, then providing proposed marketing strategies to solve the problem of the brand. For the past two years, I have been doing projects relating to marketing but this project is slightly different as it requires justification for every strategy proposed. The project has reminded me in the real world, everything we do and every steps we take has to be reasonable. Without justifications, any strategies proposed would be ineffectual and impractical. Furthermore, while analysing the problem of the business and coming up with solutions, I have the chance to incorporate marketing theories that I have learned in the past two years. It is great to have realised that most of the theories learned can actually be applied to an actualise marketing strategy.

Long story short, during the professional practice course, the lectures and projects helped me to be a student with better critical thinking skills. I have learned the importance to have our own point of views as well as to justified any marketing plans proposed in the future. In overall, this subject has helped me not only in academic life but also personally too.